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About the Storytellers of Ireland

Ireland is famed throughout the world for the art of storytelling. The seancaithe and scéalaí, the Tradition Bearers and Storytellers, passed the old stories down through the generations. Today, in the 21st Century, there has been a revival of the ancient art. Founded in 2003, Storytellers of Ireland / Aos Scéal Éireann is an All-Ireland voluntary organisation with Charitable Status.

Our aim is to promote the practice, study and knowledge of oral storytelling in Ireland through the preservation and perpetuation of traditional storytelling and the development of storytelling as a contemporary art. We aim to foster storytelling skills among all age groups, from all cultural backgrounds. We also aim to explore new contexts for storytelling in public places – in schools, community centres and libraries, in care centres and prisons, in theatres, arts centres and at festivals throughout the entire island of Ireland.

Storytelling is an intimate and interactive art. A storyteller tells from memory rather than reading from a book. A tale is not just the spoken equivalent of a literary short story. It has no set text, but is endlessly re-created in the telling. The listener is an essential part of the storytelling process. For stories to live, they need the hearts, minds and ears of listeners. Without the listener there is no story.

Le fiche bliain anuas, tá borradh agus fás tagaithe ar shean-ghairm  inste scéal.  Tá clú agus cáil ar na scéalta ársa agus ar an seanchas  atá le fáil i nÉirinn.  Le déanaí tá siad arís i mbéal an phobail, idir óg is  sean, is i ngach áird is aicme.

This website was produced by Storytellers of Ireland/Aos Scéal Éireann with generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland/Comhairle Ealaíon. SOI was established in 2003 to promote and foster the oral tradition of storytelling throughout Ireland.