Call for Curator of Stories in Residence

Cavan County Council in partnership with Cois Tine Soundscapes is seeking a Curator of Stories in Residence to promote the art of storytelling as a way of sharing culture and building memory.
The Storyteller plays a unique and valuable role in the community, using the art of storytelling as a way to highlight cultures, traditions and knowledge. As the first Curator of Stories in Residence in Cavan, the objectives of the residency are:
• Identifying and presenting some of our best stories that capture a unique angle on our culture
• raise the profile of storytelling as an art form and cultural expression
• work with technologies in documenting those stories, and assist the Arts Office in promoting the work to as wide an audience as possible.

The successful candidate will begin the residency with a period of research and development: to further research their chosen theme relevant to a Cavan context, preferably which has potential for a broader reach, and to identify storyteller contributors to their work.

During this period, and in consultation with the Arts Office and other key stakeholders, the Curator of Stories will also further develop strategies to meet the remainder of the objectives.

Deadline is Thursday 31st May 2018 @ 4pm

Further Information:

Curator of Stories in Residence 2018_RTF & Appendices