Marsh, Richard

Marsh, Richard


Full time and is prepared to travel.


Traditional Irish, Spanish, Basque and international legends and tales.

Preferred audience:

Adults and children age seven and up.

Background experience:

USA: California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington
Norway: Oslo
Ireland: mainly through Heritage in Schools and Writers in Schools schemes
History Channel: Celtic myths series
Has worked extensively throughout Spain & the Basque Country.
Richard is a Member of Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos - International Storytelling Network
The Legends and Lands of Ireland (Sterling, US 2004)
Tales of the Wicklow Hills: 2000 Years of History, Myth, Legend and Local Stories (2007)
Spanish and Basque Legends (2010)
Irish King and Hero Tales (2011)
Meath Folk Tales (History Press Ireland, 2013
Saints and Gore and Fairy Lore: Irish and Basque Legends (1997)
The Tower of Breogán and Other Tales from Ireland and Spain (2003)

Videos on Richard's blog:

(+353) 01 882 7941
15 Fontenoy Street, Dublin 7