Ó Maolalaí, Seosamh

Ó Maolalaí, Seosamh
Ó Maolalaí, Seosamh


Part time and is prepared to travel. Seosamh will try very hard to make himself available for all occasions


Traditional tales, funny tales and anecdotes from far and near.
Scéalta traidisiúnta, scéalta grinn agus seanchas ó chéin is ó chóngar.

Preferred audience:

Children from 0 to 105.

Background experience:

Seosamh is a real Dub – his mother is a Coughlan from Cork and his father was a Lally from Roscommon!
Seosamh spent 17 years, from 1983 to 2000, telling stories in Dublin’s public libraries – in Coolock, Donaghmede and Ballymun.
Since leaving the wonderful public libraries for pastures new, he has worked part-time as a storyteller, telling tales to the young and young-at-heart in schools, libraries, community centres and all kinds of spaces, indoor and outdoor.

Seosamh has experience telling to pre-school children, primary and secondary school children and to adults. He has also told stories to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Insíonn Seosamh scéalta i mBéarla agus i nGaeilge. Seosamh tells in English and in Irish. Insíonn sé gach saghas scéal – scéalta grinn, scéalta béaloidis na hÉireann agus na cruinne, eachtraí, rannta agus amhráin. He tells all kinds of tales – funny stories, Irish and international folk tales, anecdotes, rhymes and song stories.

Bhí fear ann fadó agus fadó a bhí agus beidh go deo agus tá Seosamh pósta ar Elma, Corcaíoch Iartharach, agus tá triúr clainne acu. ‘Sé sin a leithscéal agus má tá bréag ann bíodh.

Contacts: Tel: (+353) 1 8302685
Mobile: (+353) 87 6680623
Email: somaolalai@gmail.com

(+353) 1 8302685 / Mob: (+353) 87 6680623

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