Brennan, Cillian

Brennan, Cillian
Brennan, Cillian


His availability, quite logically, can only be discovered through an

email or a phone call.


Cillian tells the stories he’s heard and the ones he’s made up. The

style and substance thereof is tempered to the special interests of his

audience and runs the gamut from myth and legend to anecdote and

yarn taking in the classic, the contemporary and the cracked.

Preferred audience:

Being of broad mind, Cillian refuses to discriminate and will tell

stories to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to them.


Cillian has performed at the Listowel Writers’ Festival and at the

Cape Clear Storytelling Festival. His particular interest in the Irish

Language spurred him on to found ReRá – a monthly storytelling

night in Cork City – where he can be seen most regularly. The

stories he has told there are archived on the dedicated website

To supplement his more serious storytelling, Cillian also does

standup comedy in both Irish and English. His most notable success

in this field was a series of appearances on the TG4 production, ‘An

Gaeilgeoir is Greannmhaire’.

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41 Elm Park, Sarsfield Road, Wilton, Cork
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