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Aindrias de Staic

Adults, Festivals


Fulltime and travels nationally and internationally


Aindrias has a wealth of stories from the west of Ireland and beyond. Stories about a village under the sea off the coast of Clare, stories from the blue hills of Mayo, origin myths the Irish people and wild anecdotes seasoned from a life on the road as a wandering bard.

Preferred audience: Adults, Festivals

Background experience:

Aindrias de Staic is a storyteller, folklorist and musician from the West of Ireland.

He is one a new generation of storytellers in Ireland today who works in both English and Irish languages.  Aindrias has revived the ancient irish style of bardic Storytelling which often uses poetry, music and rhythm in its delivery.

In his early life Aindrias grew up in the Gaeltacht areas of Mayo and Galway where he absorbed the music, magic & stories of rural Ireland.

A graduate of Heritage Studies(GMIT) Aindrias was encouraged by Dr. John O'Donoghue (Anam Chara) to pursue his talent for Storytelling.

Since taking over the family farm in Co. Clare, Aindrias has continued to work as a storyteller performing locally and internationally.

Aindrias Storytelling shows have won many awards internationally including a Celtic Media Award.

Since completing an MA in Community Arts as University Limerick Aindrias has been giving workshops and mentorship in storytelling and performance at festivals locally and internationally.

(+353) 087 131 7753

Aindrias de Staic
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