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Catherine Brophy

Adults, Children, Festivals, Special Needs

Catherine Brophy was born and reared in Dublin. She trained and practised as a teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She has also travelled the world.

Nowadays she is a full-time writer, and story-teller.   She has published novels and short stories, written for T.V. and radio and facilitates workshops on aspects of both writing and storytelling.


Catherine has become a popular storyteller at various story-telling venues in Dublin and has performed at Yarn Festival and in the Abbey Theatre for the Dublin Story Grand Slam.   She has also performed in the U.S. Holland, Germany, Poland, and Hungary. She tells folk stories, myths and legends, personal stories and stories of her travels.   She is happy to tell stories to audiences of any age.


Catherine has facilitated writing and story-telling workshops in Ireland, Holland, U.S, Germany, Poland and Hungary for students and adults for the past 20 years.

(+353) 1 2824282

(+353) 08634 62537

Catherine Brophy
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