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Clare Muireann Murphy

Adults, Children, Festivals


Full time, Bristol based and prepared to travel.  If travelling to Ireland, I'd prefer to come for more than one job/one day (to make it worth the travel).


Irish Folk tales, myths and legends,

wonder tales. World folktales and myths,

original stories, wisdom stories,

participation stories.

Preferred audience:

She performs with all ages from 3-99.

Clare has given workshops on storytelling, intro to storytelling, communication skills, public speaking, performance skills.  She has worked with scientists, academics, actors, storytellers, business, lawyers, bankers, charity workers, medical, veterans, and community groups.

Background experience:

Clare Muireann Murphy works fulltime as a storyteller, teacher, trainer and consultant.

Born in Dublin, Clare has lived in Spain, Galway, America and London.  Now based in Bristol, UK she has performed in more than 20 countries around the world.  She has played world stages such as the National Theatre London, DramatikkenHuus Oslo, Out of the BOx festival Singapore.  She has also played NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival, Cork and Jonesborough National Storytelling Festival USA.  Her repertoire is rooted in Irish mythology and folklore, Clare also tells World Folklore, original stories, fables and anecdotes.


IG/Twitter: @StoryClare

(+44) 07825 423828

Clare Muireann Murphy
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