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Fra Gunn

Adults, Children, Festivals, Special Needs


Not full time resident on the Island of Ireland but available on the island of Ireland all year round, prepared to travel nationally and internationally.


Fra’s repertoire includes myths and legends, folk and faery tales, stories of dungeons and dragons, witches and wizards, riddles, rhymes, ghosts and ganders and eh, a tale about a tail!

Background experience:

Fra has been a professional actor, storyteller, musician, puppeteer, writer, director, living historian, tour guide and workshop facilitator for over 30 years. He has worked extensively throughout the five ancient provinces of Ireland as well as Scotland, England, Wales, USA, Italy, China, Slovenia and Liverpool. His clients and venues have included theatre, film and television companies, schools, libraries, museums, streets, parks, art centres, community centres, festivals, buses, trains, ships and even an aeroplane!

Fra Gunn
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