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Fra Gunn

Adults, Children, Festivals, Special Needs


Full time and is prepared to travel.


Myths and legends, folk and faery tales, dungeons and dragons, riddles and rhymes, witches and wizards, ghosts and ganders and eh, a tale about a tail!

Fra is also an actor, writer and a drama teacher and sometimes works with musicians, dancers, costume designers etc. with the performance company he has set up called phosphorous productions.

Preferred audience:

Any age group.

Background experience:

Fra has taught and performed in schools, theatres, libraries, museums, community centres and festivals throughout the five ancient provinces of Ireland as well as at events in Scotland, England, Wales and Slovenia.

He uses folk tales, myths and legends when teaching drama, with the end result being a performance by the group using music, movement and dance.

Fra also facilitates storytelling and reminiscence projects with Age Concern, the Crescent Arts Centre and the Creative Writers Network in Belfast and has written several plays and puppet shows.

(+44) 07969 848967

2 Brassey Street, Belfast BT12 5DG

Fra Gunn
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