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Kate Corkery

Adults, Children, Festivals, Special Needs


Part time and is prepared to travel.


Myths, legends and folk tales from Ireland and around the world, riddles, rhymes, games and songs for children, both traditional and original material. Sings and plays bodhrán.

Preferred audience:

All ages, especially children. Kate has recorded 3 CDs of songs and material for children and is featured on the Verbal Arts Centre’s Everlasting Voices CD and CD Rom.

Background experience:

Kate has travelled widely and has taught English, French and Spanish throughout Ireland, Europe and East Africa. As a storyteller she works extensively in the UK and Ireland in schools, libraries and theatres. She has been a guest storyteller at international festivals such as Edinburgh, Cape Clear, North Pennines, Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Newcastle and Salford. Kate is Storyteller-in-Residence at the Irish Centre, Hammersmith, in London and was Storyteller-in-Residence at the Cape Clear Island Storytelling Workshop 2004.

(+44) 0208 675 2625 / (+353) 21 484 1291

(+44) 07905 406150

Kate Corkery
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