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Madeline McCully

Adults, Special Needs, Festivals, Children


Full time, prepared to travel nationally and internationally.


I tell Myths, Legends, folktales and historical. With special needs and Alzheimer’s audiences I use reminiscence stories  to help them relate. I also play the autoharp with songs that can be used in all of these situations.

Background experience:

I was born and raised in Derry but spent much of my childhood in Donegal with a great- aunt who was a natural storyteller. I  have a background in teaching, and facilitating creative writing workshops with cross-community and inter-generational emphasis, in schools, community centres, hospitals, theatre and prison. I am author of Derry Folk Tales, Haunted Derry, Haunted Antrim and Haunted Donegal and these stories are much in demand at Halloween. I received Arts Council Awards to tell stories in USA.

I enjoy every kind of audience and tailor my stories and songs to give the best to each.

Madeline McCully
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