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Namaya the Jazz Poet/ Storyteller

Adults, Festivals, Children


I am in and out of Ireland. Available for festivals, and shows. Prefer to spend more time in Ireland & Europe in early summer to fall depending on work and performances


Namaya Jazz Poet/ Storyteller – Performed on 5 continents of improvisation and stories with the theme of “Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida,” to inspire laughter, wonder, and celebrate this journey of life. Drawn from travels in over 100 countries, with guitar, stories, and songs.

The Aquarian said, “High wire poet of the spoken word.”

Australian Center of Arts “Wonderful engaging stories

Magnet Theater in NY “Namaya held the audience spell-bound

Preferred Audience:

Adults, Festivals, Children

Background Experience:

Namaya is an Irish and US citizen and internationally renowned Jazz performance poet, storyteller,

humorist, and sublime improvisational artist. He has performed throughout the US, Europe, New Zealand,

Japan, Asia, the Americas, and Palmyra, Syria.  He is a member of Storytellers of Ireland.

His performances in NYC have included the famed Bowery Poetry Club, the Nuyorican Café, St. Marks,

and 5 C Café. Namaya has shared the stage with many jazz luminaries like Sheila Jordan, who appeared in

his production of the Beatnik Café. Samples Namaya Performance


Both as a solo artist, with his band, the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble, and with jazz musicians

worldwide, Namaya performs an astonishing blend of jazz word, story, and improvisation. As an

accomplished classical, and blues guitarist he combines music with stories

Namaya is an irreverent performance artist with a trademark style of political satire and humor that

addresses themes as diverse as America Uber Alles, and the jazz noir detective story of Benny O’Shea


“Namaya held the audience in his hand as he fearlessly created a show of improvisation. It was like

watching a magician on stage, but this time with words that would appear and disappear, seamlessly

bringing in the audience.” ~Magnet Theater in NYC, 


 “Loved the show. It was a freewheeling journey of love and play that delighted the audience.” The

Australian Center for Performing Arts

Namaya the Jazz Poet/ Storyteller
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