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Senem Donatan Mohan

Adults, Children, Festivals, Special Needs


Full time and is prepared to travel.


World folklore (Folktales, wonder tales and myths from all over the world)

Pourquoi stories combined with Science stories

Wisdom stories (especially from Middle Eastern culture)

Riddles, rhymes, story songs and participatory stories

Personal stories

Preferred audience:

All ages and abilities :)

Senem was involved in storytelling projects where she worked with pre-school, primary and secondary school children in schools, libraries, museums and exhibitions. She worked with university students in international cultural exchange storytelling projects and also in other community projects where she introduced storytelling to women living at politically conflicted borders, homeless people, LQBTQIA+ people, refugees and prisoners. She has given storytelling workshops and performance coaching sessions to artists, teachers, academicians, corporate people, medical doctors, authors, social workers, engineers and lawyers.

Background experience:

Senem Donatan Mohan is a storyteller from Turkey living in Ireland. She holds a PhD degree in natural sciences. Besides her science career, Senem worked as a performing artist, director and dramaturgist in many art projects since 1998. She is one of the founders of Seiba International Storytelling Center in Turkey and Executive Committee Member of the Federation of European Storytelling (FEST). Senem tells traditional stories as well as personal stories on stages, at festivals, in schools, libraries, museums, exhibitions, cultural and community centres, special events for corporates. Her repertoire is rooted in Middle Eastern and Balkan folklore where she grew up and her ancestors had lived. Based on her scientific career, Senem is particularly interested in performing for children where she tells pourquoi stories combined with science stories.


IG / In: @senemdonatanmohan

(+353) 083 133 3789

Dublin 18, Ireland

Senem Donatan Mohan
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