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Senem Donatan Mohan

Adults, Children, Festivals


Full time and is prepared to travel nationally and internationally.


For children, Senem tells pourquoi stories to cultivate their curiosity for natural phenomena. She also tells the science behind those natural phenomena where she encourages children to ask creative questions and to imagine beyond definite answers.

For adults, Senem tells personal stories interwoven with myths and wisdom tales mostly from Middle Eastern and Balkan folklore where she grew up and her ancestors lived.

Background experience:

Senem DoSenem is from Istanbul, Turkey and now living in Dublin. She holds a PhD degree in natural sciences and has worked in many international science projects as a researcher. Besides her academic career, Senem has worked as a performing artist and facilitator for over 20 years. Since 2013, her focus has been on storytelling. She is the co-founder of Seiba (Tree of Life) International Storytelling Centre located in Turkey.

Senem has performed at festivals, in schools, libraries, museums, exhibitions, cultural and community centres, and at corporate events. She has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults through her performances. She has also trained hundreds of people to develop their storytelling skills throughout Asia and Europe. In her performances and workshops, Senem has an expressive and fun way of engaging with the audience where she features interactivity and spontaneity.


IG / In: @senemdonatanmohan

(+353) 083 133 3789

Senem Donatan Mohan
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